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Garden Preserves Ltd is a family business producing Quality Handmade Preserves.

About Us

Garden Preserves was established in 2001 when the longstanding and well respected Garden of Suffolk Preserves
was purchased from a local farming family. At that time, the Norfolk Garden Preserves label was also established
to ensure high quality Preserves produced from local fruit and sugar were available for sale in both Norfolk and
Suffolk and throughout East Anglia. Garden preserves, was purchased by us in 2014 and relocated from Plumstead Road in Norwich to Bertie Ward
Way in Dereham. We pride ourselves in producing quality handmade preserves. Our Traditional Range includes
a selection of Jam’s, Marmalades, Jellies, Chutney’s, Pickles and Fresh Curds. In 2016 we introduced a Deli Range
of more unusual preserves available in 200g jars.

Our Preserves

All our preserves are free of additives, artificial flavours and colourants.

Our aim

Garden Preserves Ltd aims to work with customers, to ensure quality handmade preserves are available to everybody.

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Our Brands

Garden Of Suffolk

Garden of Suffolk label was founded in Yoxford and registered in London on 4th April 1977 with Reg. No. 2136569. The business was sold to a Tuddenham Farming Family who sold it to the Artherton family in Norwich in 2001.

Norfolk Garden

The Norfolk Garden label was also established a couple of years later and produced from Plumstead Road in Norwich by the Artherton Family.

Deli Range

The Garden Preserves Deli Range was established in 2016 to replace the original, homemade business started by the current owners in Dereham.

Garden Preserves Ltd

The Garden Preserves Ltd logo is a sign of quality and is used on all of our brands.

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5 Bertie Ward Way,
Dereham, Norfolk, NR19 1TE

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